Designing Hybrid Workshops

7pm (London) on Tuesday 9th November 2021

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This workshop decribes a few ways to think about how to design your own online workshops to facilitate sharing knowledge held by a group or to teach a skill or process.

It comes in two parts:

  • Card plus c. 25 minute Podcast
  • 2 hour online workshop

I will share some of my experiences of shifting from in-person to hybrid online workshops and the tools and methods I use to design workshops.

This is not a complex workshop. It is about exploring ideas to provide clarity and confidence. The structures and tools are simple so you have a foundation to start with and that you can then adapt and throw away as you find your own style.

Workshop Content

I wrote post about the ideas in the workshop a few week’s ago – read Designing Hybrid Workshops.

The workshop is in three parts:

• Sharing Wonder
• Offering Safety
• Architecting Activities

Sharing Wonder is a pre-workshop podcast with an individual activity for you to work thru:

  1. What wonder you want to share? Is it teaching a skill or facilitating a question. Is it Wonder! or Wonder?
  2. What role are you wanting to take on? Are you a teacher or a facilitator? How confident are you?

Offering Safety is the opening part of the 2 hour Zoom conference encounter. Hybrid workshops have created different forms of anxiety in workshops. Being more explicit about workshop forms and offering ways of enabling participant autonomy and their own sense of safety matters. I will show some methods that I use and offer time for group chats about how hybrid workshops have affected you.

Architecting Activities is the second part of the Zoom encounter. Workshop activities, sharing time together learning new methods or exploring ideas, are crucial but can, especially in hybrid workshops, go wrong. I will share a couple of tools I use and then create spaces in Zoom rooms and in Mural for people to talk about what they hope to do. Meeting and sharing ideas with other people is the key point of any workshop for me. It is the time you spend with each other that is so valuable.

Workshop Goals

Gaining personal clarity and confidence together is the goal.

There are no requirements for this workshop. Come along and start a journey to your own hybrid workshop.

Share your wonder!



You do not have to pay anything at all for this workshop. It is free to anyone.

If you want to attend for free then email me with your name, address (for the card if you want one) and email address (for pdf version of card, podcast and Zoom links).

If you know someone who would benefit from attending this workshop, please contact me and I will send workshop content and links.


Donate if you want to offset postage and printing costs and to enable other people to come along for free.

If you know someone who would benefit from attending this workshop and you want to support the workshop but not attend, please contact me and I will send workshop content and links.

7pm (London) on Tuesday 9th November 2021

Details, refunds and contact

The 2 hour Zoom encounter is 7pm (London) on Tuesday 9th November 2021.

This includes the workshop card sent to an address you provide, the download link for the podcast (with text version) and link to the Zoom encounter.


Full refund of donation if neither card nor podcast link has not been sent out. 66% refund if card has been sent out. 33% refund if card and podcast link have been sent out.


If you have any questions then please email me