Designing for Human Perception

Senses and emotions in UX Design

A 1/2 day experiential workshop on how imagination, perception and emotions affect how we all use products and services.

Video from UX London 2022 conference.

Workshop description

Senses and emotions anticipate and frame all our experiences. Learning to recognise and respect those perceptions is the foundation for better human-centered design.

This is an interactive workshop using activities to understand issues of senses, perception and emotions.

The core themes are understanding senses, designing for perception, and valuing emotions.

Previous conferences and customers

This workshop has been successfully run for conferences and organisations since 2014. The content has changed due to research and feedback but it remains an enjoyable and educational experience for all participants.

Previous conferences and organisations include Google, SxSW, UX London, WebExpo, CXPartners, UX Week, EuroIA, Hyperisland and many more across Europe, USA and Australasia.


Participants testing tactile message
College workshop
Alastair talking in workshop with slides behind him
WebExpo workshop
About 140 people attending workshop
In London
UX London workshop


This workshop can be easily added to any conference that wants to explore how to design better products and services for customers. The themes and ideas can either be kept at a broad level (for mixed audiences) or tightened to specific issues (for specialist audiences).

For in-house training, the workshop can be customised to meet many corporate purposes (in terms of strategic or project goals). This means adapting the content to align with internal language and anticipated needs.


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