Somewhere to put your dreams and fears

This is a post about making and offering accessible maps but, more fundamentally, it is about creating a space for people to put their dreams and fears. Humans create cognitive maps within themselves. They imagine, learn and perceive so much and need some way of creating patterns to find meaning and intention for action. This […]

Do Personas block Systemic Change?

It is the political party conference season in the UK. Each party gets a week to meet up and get media attention for their policies (especially important this year with a General Election due in 2024). The Conservative Party has spent some time preparing with announcements that cut back Climate Crisis policies and cancel pro-Net […]

Pick a layer: centring on which sense of our humanity?

After a few months of work for the Design Council on Systemic Design Thinking in the Climate Crisis, I am back on a museum wayfinding project. We are about to test a prototype scheme and I need to think about what questions to ask. As with Systemic Design Thinking, there are issues of choosing the […]