Rooting design fictions in responsibility and sustainability

I have a new workshop to deliver in July for a conference. The topic has not been defined yet so I am experimenting with possibilities. This post is about one idea I’ve developed to physical prototype level. With workshops, I need to see and use the planned activity to understand its worth. Practically, I need […]

Structures for clarity and confidence in workshops

Designing and delivering your own workshop can be daunting. The mixture of design questions (like What is being taught? How can people learn? How do we share?) and facilitation questions (like How do we invite and welcome people? How do we create trust and safety?) can be a complicated mess. This post is about a […]

Social Stories and Guided Reminiscence in museums & cultural places

Museums and other cultural places (like libraries and cafes) are excellent spaces for enabling people’s abilities to recall and share memories. This practice can be particularly beneficial for older adults and people with memory impairments like dementia. Using Guided Reminiscence, we can use the sensory environment and experiences of the present to recall personal and […]

4 O’s – mapping a project check in

I was asked to chat to a manager today about where they are in an ongoing project and whether there was any way I could be helpful. I know nothing about the project and very little about the organisation’s processes, methodologies and culture. So I needed a way of framing the short conversation and understanding […]