Making and testing new forms of accessible information

Acuity Design is starting to test new ways of designing and making tactile maps and diagrams. Now we have a ZyChem swell printer it is much easier to run short tests and make prototypes.  This test page is about 5 design elements.  Title and Key The need for a title and key to describe what […]

Aeons, Agency and Autonomy in Design For Planet

The meaning of systemic worries me when talking about Systemic Design and I need to broaden it out in a few specific directions for Design Council Design For Planet workshops over the next two weeks. Systems as traps Design and designers can too often get trapped within systems and processes. The old Scientific Management ideas of […]

Design For Planet Systemic Design Toolkit workshops

I am working with the Design Council to develop facilitation materials based on their Systemic Design Framework, part of their mission to Design for Planet. The paper, which was published in 2021, outlines a systemic approach to design practice which they are now developing into tools aimed at designers. Workshop purpose What the workshops will […]

Simple emotion to create a space to listen

While running a walking workshop last week in Germany I was reminded that my user research questions are very basic. Given I do not speak German I was made more aware of this because of how much I generally needed to simplify my language for translation. I do not view scripted user research question sets […]