Network Thinking

28th September at 9.00am or 8.00pm (London) for £30

Network thinking card and four main concepts

How humans take vast amounts of sensory information in and transform it into new ideas and actions matters. New research, by people like Lisa Barrett Feldman, shows how the brain’s use of differing forms of networks compress and abstract information. Aligning our processes with our brains seems a more human-centered approach.

Network Thinking is a model for building learning and project processes that depend upon diversity, storytelling and divergence. It is a response to the normalising bias of Design Thinking which prioritises the needs of a small group.

Network Thinking is embedded into all the workshops and it is the final workshop so people can think about how to design their own workshops and enable more human-centered learning.

Back of all the cards is a description of the Network Thinking framework

Network Thinking – By Post, By Podcast, by Zoom for £30

28th September, either 9am or 8pm (London)

Details, refunds and contact

The workshops are running in September 2021. Book early so as to have time to get the cards thru the post.

The 60 minute Zoom encounters are 9am (London) and 8pm (London).

The cost is £30 per workshop. This includes the workshop card sent to an address you provide, the download link for the podcast (with text version) and link to the Zoom encounter.

You can buy a single ticket for each workshop on each workshop page or a full series one on the main Workshop On A Card page


Full refund if neither card nor podcast link has not been sent out. 66% refund if card has been sent out. 33% refund if card and podcast link have been sent out.


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