Designing hybrid workshops: sharing wonder

I may be giving a workshop on designing hybrid workshops in late September. This post just collects some fragments together that may go into it. The main themes of this workshop are Clarity and Confidence. Clarity to know what you want to communicate thru a workshop (as opposed to a talk). Confidence to deliver that […]

Talk Maker: a template for making your own talk

Structuring narratives A lot of conferences say they’re open to new speakers but having the confidence to speak depends on many factors. Trying to transfer your knowledge and experience into a structured talk is one barrier. This post is just about one way I write 15–30 minute talks for professional audiences, mostly in user experience […]

Design circles – a workshop design tool

Finding patterns in workshop activities This is a quick post on a small tool I use when designing workshops. It’s a tool to consider what any workshop activities are for and how they will affect participants. You can download a printable pdf of it from Dropbox. It’s on a Creative Commons 4.0 license so play […]