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wayfinding card with four concepts

I do a lot of map-making and wayfinding work for museums and public spaces. How humans think about journeys and how they act during those journeys is hugely important. The ideas behind Wayfinding are important both in physical and digital places. How people plan, move and get lost needs understanding so as to provide the optimal information before and during their journey.

This workshop uses a simple ABCD form to talk about some new ideas from neuroscience and cognitive accessibility.

How people make maps is fundamental to more than journeys: it also helps frame how we learn.

This workshop is open to all people and there are no minimum knowledge requirements.

Terminalia Special

This workshop is being run on 23rd February as a tribute to the Roman festival of boundaries.

Boundaries are hugely important to wayfinding. They are a key issue in digital design and problems like Doomscrolling. Meanwhile edges are what people seek when lost: an important factor in both helping people find their way in buildings and in knowing where to provide additional help.

Workshop format

This workshop is designed to maximise time spent together talking and sharing ideas while minimising the personal stress and tiredness of spending too much time online. It is based on this three part framework:

  • By post (greeting cards with core ideas on front, instructions on back and space for your notes in middle)
  • By podcast (15 – 20 minute download audio podcast explaining concepts and examples by Alastair Somerville)
  • By Zoom (60 minute online encounter to explore ideas and share future goals with other participants)
Explore, establish, expand idea of three parts to Workshop by post, by podcast and by Zoom


£30 per person

You receive card by post (please supply a postal address – you also receive a Pdf version by email), link to podcast and access to 60 minute Zoom encounter.


When the workshop is run we accept payment by credit card and bank transfer.

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