The problem of ‘Looks good’ inclusive design

This post will seem cruel but it is about an important issue in the space between accessible and inclusive design. Tokyo 2020 The Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 offer the possibility of some great new design for inclusion. Japan, due to its ageing population, has been ahead of most countries in public and urban design […]

Innovating inaccessibility: designing novel forms of disability

I was at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London yesterday. They have a new entrance plaza. It looks lovely.It does however, include a new form of textured paving that is quite awesomely bad for accessibility.For a museum that is proud about design and actually has exhibitions about design and disability on at the moment, […]

Do not write off human centred design before it has started

There is an old conservative trick to stop radical change happening. Politicians and journalists talk as tho such a change has happened and then condemn its clear failure.I have read slightly too many tweets and read too many articles lately talking of the failure of human centred design. Mostly they are written by people who […]