Modeling spaces of Accessibility

Agency And Autonomy User Experience, and design more generally, is interested in enabling the individual to do the thing they want to do. However, this can be unhelpful when discussing accessibility because it ignores much wider social and poltical ideas of personal independence and autonomy. “Doing the thing I want to do…” is a tightly […]

Accessibility is where you start

Accessibility is where all design projects need to start because it is the only way of avoiding huge mistakes and huge costs.Accessibility is how you recognise the vast breadth of human capacities and needs. Without it, the design space may seem small and manageable but that’s a trick you play upon yourself. Accessibility shows how […]

The problem of ‘Looks good’ inclusive design

This post will seem cruel but it is about an important issue in the space between accessible and inclusive design. Tokyo 2020 The Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 offer the possibility of some great new design for inclusion. Japan, due to its ageing population, has been ahead of most countries in public and urban design […]