UX Copenhagen workshop information

This is a page for people attending the workshop remotely but it may be helpful to anyone in the room too.

Thanks for coming along.

This page has some some questions to look at and materials for you to download (and print if you want).

This workshop is being held in a cinema so, for the most of the time, people are sitting individually and not talking in groups. Being a virtual participant, you are not missing out on this social aspect.

This workshop is about developing a different sense of personal capacity and inviting communal capability afterwards.

What would be good to do is to use a piece of paper to follow along with the making and growing of trees in the second half of the workshop. Making and sharing a photo of your own ideas would be lovely to see and share more widely.

Get involved

Please use the comments section of the post to send anything you make or any questions you have about the workshop.

If you want to send a message privately, then email me using the Contact Me page.

I may not be able to directly answer all questions during the workshop but I will respond by end of the conference.


Copies of the question slides, the questions are in body of text following

There are a few questions in the workshop. Some are provocations and some are practice for activities to try with your own colleagues.

  • Do your systems hold complexity for you? Do they help? Why not?
  • What should you stop doing?
  • I am – what do you value about what you can do and you love?
  • Imagine – what does your hometown feel like in 20 years time? The emotion of place?
  • Imagine – what does your hometown look like in 20 years time? The sensation of place?
  • Improve – what do you want to improve in yourself for change and, more importantly, who are you inviting to help create change?


All the slides are available online – UX Copenhagen slides in PDF

The workshop card is available as an A4 print at home version – Growing into our futures card

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